What kind of soil is available as backfill?  Will it be suitable for my project?

Our NYS DEC Certified Clean backfill is comprised of mix of silt, sand and clay.  We can perform additional gradation analysis, if required.  The soil can be tested for permeability, etc. to help you determine if it is the right backfill for your project. 

What if there is an issue in the future?  

We are fully responsible for the treatment and disposition of your soils once they have been accepted at our facility.

Can I test the backfill soil for things like permeability prior to purchase?

Absolutely!  You can send an independent tester or, for an additional fee, we can perform a gradation analysis for you.  The soil can be tested for permeability, etc. to help you determine if it is the right backfill for your project. 

Can backfill soil be used in any application?

Although NYS DEC has certified that the soil is acceptable for use on residential, commercial and industrial property, however, it is our policy at Tonawanda Terminals to allow the soil for commercial and industrial use only.  

Do you filter asphalt and concrete from our soil?

We understand that asphalt and concrete are unavoidable for some jobs. We are happy to remove asphalt and concrete at our facility. If a reasonable amount, there is not a charge but you may incur a fee if there is excessive asphalt and concrete.

Why does Tonawanda Terminals have such stringent testing requirements for soil?

Tonawanda Terminals testing is more stringent because we are recycling the soil and limiting your environmental footprint.

What kinds of soil do we accept?

Only petroleum-impacted soil from residential and commercial spill sites that contain gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and fuel oil are acceptable for treatment.  Petroleum-impacted soils from industrial sites or soils impacted by used motor oil or hydraulic oil may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Pricing is impacted by the type of petroleum as "heavier" products take longer to treat.

What kinds of soil do we NOT accept?  

Soils that contain solid waste, medical waste, hazardous/toxic waste, radiologic compounds, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals or other hazardous substances in concentrations exceeding DEC Soil Cleanup Objectives for unrestricted use (NYCRR Part 375-6.8a for protection of groundwater, ecological resources and public health) are not acceptable for treatment and reuse.  Soils from inactive hazardous waste disposal or Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) sites are not accepted. Soils with significant amounts of brick, rock, concrete, steel, wood or debris are not accepted.  Soils from industrial or "brownfields" sites are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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